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Altar Guild:  Responsible for the Altar Flowers and proper Dressings on the Altar each week throughout the Church year.   Maintain an active list of donors for flowers for all Church activities.

St. Martha’s Guild:   This group meets each week for fellowship, learning and work.  Guild members provide the impetus for many improvments around the Church and Sunday School.   They provide outreach through a ministry of hospitality for special occasions.  The Guild also runs the Thrift Shop, located in the Parish Hall; open on Tuesday from 9:30AM to 12:30PM.

Community Service Club:  This group consists of Parishioners that provide the needed help for maintenance to the Church and Parish.  The club puts on several dinners and brunches throughout the year, and the proceeds are used to support the Church operations and maintenance.  This group also supports the Annual Church Lawn Party and other Church functions.

Eucharistic Ministers / Eucharistic Visitors:  Eucharistic ministers are lay people licensed by the diocese to that assist the clergy in preparation and delivery of Communion to the congregation during services, and provide other assistance during the service as required.  Eucharistic Visitors are lay people that receive special training from the Diocese, and when authorized are able to bring Communion to shut-ins or other members of the congregation that are unable to attend services in church.


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  1. I want to find out where the entrance of the church is located so when I get off the bus I’ll know where it is. Blessings ,Trisha Lafleche.

    • Trish, the entrance to the church is facing West Main Road; the entrance to the parish hall (building near the McDonald’s) is up the stairs from the parking lot.

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